It's in my veins! My parents met in Mecca while they worked for airline companies. I think I had already travelled to as many countries as I had lived by the age of 15, and at that age I moved house three times. I realised at the time that travel never really fazed me like it did so many others. I am not as organised as everyone, I go by a simple travel check list - passport, money, scarf. If you have that you're pretty much sorted. Now I have three kids my check list has an extra few points but the basis is still the same for each of them - just need to add  snacks and teddies... Oh OK that list is huge now! At least it's less big now that they are out of nappies and can (though sometimes won't) eat everything we do.

So yes, travel and life with three kids is what this is about. I love to travel, deep down I absolutely love to help people while they are travelling - or to enable them to do so. I enjoy organising trips and flight browsing on the internet. Perhaps I'll make a job out of it one day! Who knows, it could all start here. Let's find out! Watch this space. :-)

Until then, I hope you like the pics and the site.